Tooth Fairy Pillows
small square $22
Tooth Fairy
(Cannot be
Babe Tooth
(Cannot be
Toothless Wrangler
(cannot be
Toy Storage and Tooth Fairy Pillows

Dragon Storage Box
100% Cotton Canvas

Cannot be
Happy Birthday Doll
Blonde or Brunette
Comes with a cupcake embroidered on their
dress ready for a monogram
Rosy Cheeks
Velour with embroidered
face, removable jersey
knit top and ready for
dressing and undressing
Sleepy Bear with
Monogrammable Blanket
comes in pink or blue
Two in One!
Pancake Bear with hidden, satin trimmed
blanket tucked into their backside,
begging for a monogram!
(pink or blue)
perfect for monogramming
Dolls, Bears and Lovies
Furry Friends
Choose from a bunny, puppy
or lamb lovie
with blanket attached.  
Your child will find it their
favorite blankie!
Our precious
Angel Prayer Bears
are the perfect gift
for our angels
here on earth

Long earred bunny
with satin lined
blanket attached

Taggie blankies.  
Reversible with
brightly colored
tactile tags around
the border

Pink elephant with
satin lined blanket

Long earred bunny
with satin lined
blanket attached
pink, blue or yellow
($16 with monogram)
18"x20" fun, colorful and ultra soft
and cuddly to sooth and stimulate baby. Left
and right arms crinkle,
left arm has two plastic rings,
left foot rattles,
right foot squeaks,
mylar mirror under belly flap,
satin tags throughout
Playtivity Kitten or Monkey

Baptism bunny with
satin lined blanket

A darling gift set with
lamb and satin trimmed
These soft, adorable Kaloo Bears cannot be monogrammed
Small Kaloo bears.
Perfect for holding
by little hands.
Large and Medium Kaloo Bears.
From $24-$48
Kaloo Nightlight
Dim, rechargable nightlight
for baby's crib