Children's Books
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Pull Back book
This clever book comes
with a toy that pulls back
to race around one of
3 tracks included in the
book. Read the story,
then wind up the vehicle
and watch it
whiz around the tracks!
Ages 3+ yrs  
Noisy books

Little hands won't
be able to resist
pressing the
buttons to make
fun noises!

Ages 2+ yrs
Here at What a Stitch!, we love children's books.  We have found a vendor with the most amazing
books for "kids" of all ages.  When we went to market, it was so hard to decide what to buy, I
simply said "I'll take one of all your new books!"  And that's exactly what we did.  Of course, we
continue to sell our favorites (the track and musical books listed directly below) but want to
introduce you to this wonderful company.  You can never have too many books.  Enjoy!

Phonics Readers $7
We have many activity books also.  Sticker books, Light and Shine books (get a flashlight and watch the
your children's faces light up in awe!), Mazes, Lift the Flap and many more.  
Give some and keep some at home for when the grandchildren come to your house!
Below is a sampling of our books.  Some are educational, some have flaps for little hands to peek under, some
have lots of stickers,some are perfect as an older sibling gift, and some are just for fun.  
But all of them are sure to be received with enthusiasm!