1.  I purchased a set of towels as a gift and would like to get them monogrammed. Is it necessary
to purchase the towels from you?
Many of our customers supply their own napkins, towels, even shirts to be monogrammed. There is
a setup charge of $15, plus $1 for every 1000 stitches.
2.  What if I am not certain as to what design to put on the item?
We will be happy to create the entire product for you. This is what sets us apart from other
embroidery companies. We will work with you and suggest ideas from among hundreds of
embroidery designs, type styles and colors.
3.  I would like a specific logo to be embroidered on my items. How can I get that done?
We can embroider most any design or business logo, as long as you have permission to use it.
4.  How long does it take to receive my order once it is placed?
One week, depending on where the order needs to be sent. However, special priority ordering is
available on most items and can be completed in two days.
5.  What method of shipping will be used to mail my order?
We ship orders via Priority Mail unless upgraded shipping is requested. Shipping costs are paid
by the customer.
6.  What is your refund/ return policy?
We offer an error free guarantee. If your order arrives with an error made by us, we will redo your
order at no charge. If the error was made by you (i.e. if
we were given a wrong date or wrong
spelling), we will offer to redo your order at a reduced cost.
7.  Do you have a brochure or catalog?
We do not have a brochure or catalog because our web site is updated continuously to provide
you with the most current information and to inform you of any "specials" or "closeouts"
8.  How much does something cost?
Prices will vary depending on the design and the number of colors used. See the pricing
information on the
ordering information page.
9.  Do you have a privacy policy?
We do not sell or share, in any way, any information with any outside company or agency.
10.  Do you have any references?
We are happy to share some of the comments our customers have sent us. You can see for
yourself how much it means to people to receive a thoughtful gift that is so personalized.
11.  What about sales tax?
We are required to collect a 6% sales tax for any order shipped to a Florida address.
12.  I have some other questions. How do I contact you?
Call 239-514-7072 or e-mail mtyler12@comcast.net
Water bottle labels for all occasions! Printed on waterproof vinyl paper.
E-mail Marti for details.
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